shiteater (solo version)

by Plake 64 + the Hexagrams

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hymn to tlazolteotl ; goddess of shit-eating and purification. "...called "Goddess of Dirt" (Tlazolteotl) and "Eater of Ordure" (Tlaelquani, 'she who eats dirt [sin]'), with her dual nature of goddess of dirt and also of purification. Sins were symbolized with dirt/excrement. Her dirt-eating symbolized the ingestion of the sin of those who confessed, and in doing so purified it. She had the function of creating harmony again in the community."
hymn to chamunda, one of the forms of durga/kaali, who defeated chanda and munda, generals of the asuras shumbha and nishumbha who represent the ego and its endless desire. chamunda opened her mouth as wide as the universe to devour the infinitely-replicating asura warrior raktabija. raktabija would grow clones of himself equal in strength and valor with each drop of his blood that would touch the ground. so durga told chamunda to spread her mouth so wide that not a drop of raktabija's blood would touch the ground, and as the sapta matrikas (seven mothers) swarmed in on the asura to mutilate him, chamunda consumed him and all his replications of himself.
kali is part of the devi trimurti (durga, lakshmi, saraswati) and fulfills the "destroyer" role. She is the goddess of destruction along with shiva, who destroys what is decayed so brahma can create anew.
"eating shit" is a term to refer to someone who has taken a nasty fall, a spill if you will. someone who is skydiving and their parachute does not deploy is said to have "eaten shit". the main thing that every person on this earth has in common is that we all will proverbially "eat shit" someday, shedding our earthly bodies. this is symbolic of our own purification that happens day to day if we reflect on our actions and reactions and ourselves. meditation and self reflection are the most important steps for anyone to take.
om shanti, shanti, shanti


released June 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Alex Homan Baltimore, Maryland


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