a collection of quickly flowing micro-ragas, navigating the realm born of the primordial sound.

Vidyutaya means to gleam or flash as a bolt of lightning; radiance. the fast succession of micro-ragas (condensed alapanam and thalam rendered in bursts) mimics that of a storm wrought with the spectral hues of both creation and destruction. these sounds are a tiny tiny portion of the sound that creates the whole universe; and the ragas are intended to help both performer and listener alike realise NADA , the primodial tonal structure of the goddess manifest as all reality. It is dedicated to Maa Durga and the Holy Family.


released September 7, 2016

alex homan plays casio 405, sound manipulation and a little guitar
tracks A1-5 and B1-6 features stone filipczak on percussion and sound manipulation
track B7 features adrienne c.n. berry on tenor saxophone

photo taken by esha kallianpur



all rights reserved


Alex Homan Baltimore, Maryland


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